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About Pinnacle Medical Case Management Inc

Pinnacle Medical Case Management Inc. is a California-based medical case management corporation that works with Insurance companies for workers' compensation claims. The company provides services that border on Providing swift and immediate assessment and response on employee health, providing injured employee and family support, facilitating the most appropriate treatment, and ensuring timely communication with the employer and family. Pinnacle Medical Case Management offers unparalleled – and often unrealized – results when adapted to claims management. We believe in the efficient management of medical cases. We combat delays during the claims process through information and real-time technology. Our processes can increase efficiency across the healthcare management process which will lead to better outcomes for all parties involved.  

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Our goal is achieving the objectives important to our clients, such as cost containment of medical provider bills, facilitating return to work and reviewing medical care to ensure appropriateness and/or necessity of medical services.

When sick or injured employees are unable to return to work with their original employers, Pinnacle Medical Case Management Inc help disabled workers attain sufficient work skills to compete successfully in the labor market. Such intervention can help you realize a sizable reduction in wage loss replacement exposure and overall medical costs.

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The goal of vocational case management is to return disabled workers to gainful employment and autonomy. We start with an effective job search, confirming job opportunities, promoting claimant accountability for securing employment through the job search contract and ensuring suitable job placement.

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Proactive intervention and vocational management of disabled workers can help you achieve significant reductions in wage loss replacement. Our team will help support successful job retention for sick or injured workers and will assist in claims resolution. If work capability is in question, we will refer an injured employee for SSDI review.

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